Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our day in a to this

I'm thinking that I will do this every few days and just update on things we did today or what's going on in our lives.

Today we went to Osseo for my nephew AJ's wrestling tournament he put up quite a fight but finished in 3rd! He is wrestling again tomorrow in Marshfield but Im not going to that one too because its too hard to keep Phillip who is 17 months entertained in bleachers all day.

After I got back to town I dropped off my Grandma B and then headed over to my In-Laws house cause that is where my hubby was. Later I went to get us some lunch. Then we ended up leaving Phillip there for a little over an hour and going to the casino we both spent $20 no luck tonight :( then I went to my moms with Phillip and we visited there for awhile now its 1:18 am and I need sleep so goodnight all. I will try and add some pics soon!!!

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  1. hey blogger, I'm your first comment! Poor AJ lost all three today. His third one was a 4 yr. old girl and she whipped him. Pinned him very quickly but you should have seen the guy before hime she beat! He screamed and cried the entire three rounds. Her Dad told us she has taken first place in five tournaments in a row!Sweet lloking little thing, but tough, oh my!